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YOUR NEW FRIEND! - A speaking explorer robot that dances, plays music, reproduce animal sounds and more! For kids aged 3+.
HE GUESSES ANIMALS - Contains an incredible animal guessing mode: The kid thinks of an animal, Powerman Master will ask a few questions to be answered with Yes/No/I don't know, and he will try to guess it! Unicorn, llama, cat, dog, sloth....a real challenge to find an animal he doesn't know yet!
PROGRAMMABLE - Program up to 40 actions with the ability to add music to create your own dances and choreographies he will memorise!
HE REPEATS AFTER YOU - With the playback and recording function, he can repeat what you say with its funny robot voice. Includes a karaoke feature, where he will repeat in music! He will also reuse later what is taught to him.
WITH REMOTE CONTROL! - Control him forward, backward, to the right and left, he can go in any directions!
SING AND DANCE! - Use the remote control to make the robot sing and dance! Let the party begin!
v TELLS STORIES: He can tell stories but also create your own!
SHOOT FOAM DISC: He can shoot colourful foam disc, save to play everywhere!v TOUCH SENSOR: Touch his forehead for funny sounds !
Power supply: 3x LR6/AA batteries for robot (not included) + 2x LR6/AA batteries for remote (not included).
Includes: 1 robot + 1 infrared remote + 1 user manual + 1 Explorer's Guide to learn more about our planet and its biodiversity!
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