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Dictionary with the Database from the Collins English Dictionary, 13th edition: 725,000 words, meanings and phrases! Updated with all the very latest new words and senses, an unparalleled resource for use at work, at home and at school.
Lexibook’s Thesaurus function: find the inspiration you need and the right word to express your ideas.
Phonetic spell-correction: ensures the right word will be found even if you misspell it, with words from the Collins English Dictionary, 13th edition.
Crossword solver: search by imputing a sequence of letters. Eg: write “G??a?” and it will generate a possible word list.
Lexibook’s Conjugation: more than 7,000 verbs derived from 4 tenses.
Word games: hangman, word jumble & anagram.
Large 4-lines screen for easy reading and new ergonomic size with large buttons.
Other uses: Calculator, currency and unit converters & user-list.
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