Jeu de bain "Water Crab®", Crabe de bain

The cute companion of baby’s bath time!

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Jeu de bain "Water Crab®"


- Magic: Apply some soap on the bubble tank and press on the octopus and the bubbles are 'blown' from the crabs mouth!
- Fabulous: under the e ect of water, the eyes turn and the legs move, the fish moves and swims!
- Funny: the starfish turns when water runs over it!
- Useful: The small shovel in the shape of a dolphin to pour water in the shell!
- Practical, 3 suction cups make fixing the Water Crab to the bath-tub or on tiling easy!
- To put it simple: the “Water Crab” is just liters of water, a bit of soap … And plenty of fun!
- From 1 years old
- Warranty: 2 years - Designed and developed in Europe - Made in China

All Lexibook® products conform to European toy regulations.
WARNING! Never leave a child unattended or with an older child in the bathroom or in the bathtub, not even for one minute.Drowning can occur in a very short time and in very shallow water (± 2cm). The carer shall at all times be in contact with the child.
WARNING! Always check the water temperature before sitting a child in the bathtub. Toddlers have a very sensitive skin and can easily get burned if the water is too hot.
WARNING! Always check the temperature of the water coming from the tap; let it run for 3 minutes. Measure the water temperature using a thermometer. If the water temperature is too hot reduce the water heater’s temperature.
WARNING! Do not leave electrical devices, such as hairdryers, near the bathtub or any water point.
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