The Olfactory Clock

For a magical, gentle and enjoyable wake up!

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Just imagine...
7am… time to wake up….
No sound, no shrill alarm, just a delicious and pleasant fragrance to help you wake up in a good mood and feel relaxed & happy to start your day!

Very easy to settle in just a few steps:

  • Set & activate the alarm and insert the scent capsule into the top;
  • Early morning, wake up gently with the familiar scent of seaside, and stimulate your senses very progressively;
  • After 3 minutes, a back-up melody rings to make sure you are properly awaken

Our fragrances:
Each and every one of the scent capsules are recyclable and made by the very famous GIVAUDAN House, world’s leading flavour and Fragrances Company. You can customize and perfume your morning by choosing among 4 delightful fragrances, sold separately, for a magical wake up every day!