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I am not able to access Wi-Fi — what do I have to do?

Make sure that you have properly activated the Wi-Fi by going to "Settings", selecting your network and entering the password.

How do I identify the name of my Wi-Fi network? How I know the Wi-Fi password?

The name of the Wi-Fi network, as well as the default password, may be indicated on your equipment (modem, router, ADSL box, etc.). If this is not the case, please contact your service provider.

I see "Wi-Fi connected", but "Page not available" appears in the Internet browser. What must I do?

Access your secure browser (Lexibook Protect or LexiSurf) to configure it, and then remove certain filters that may render the page unavailable. Further details are found in the manual provided with your tablet.



Lexibook Market Premium

All our tablets feature Lexibook Market Premium to download games and applications. You will then access over 30,000 applications that are certified for use by children.

Google Play™

Certain Lexibook tablets also offer access to Google Play™, Google's application downloading platform. However, for security reasons, this application is not available via the children's Lexibook interface. To authorise access to it, please refer to the "Application Management" section of the manual provided with your tablet.

Managing Files on the Tablet


How do I add files to my tablet?

You may either transfer files from a computer via the USB cable included or insert a Micro SD card.

I have placed files on my tablet. Where can I find them?

All your video, image and sound files, electronic books and others may be automatically viewed via the audio playback, photo, video and eBook applications (provided that the file formats are supported by your tablet).

If you wish to find the files copied on your tablet or on a Micro SD card inserted in your tablet, simply open the "Explorer" application or "File Manager" and select "Internal Memory/USB" or "SD card".

Can I increase my tablet's storage capacity?

Yes, you can increase your tablet's storage capacity by inserting a Micro SD card of up to 32 GB (sold separately).



I have installed an application, but I cannot find in on my child's profile (for those tablets that offer the "Application Management" option under parental controls).

Each newly downloaded application will only accessible via the child's profile so long as it has not been categorised by the parent in one of the categories, except if the option "Allow kid to classify an app after its installation" is checked.

Can I configure my child's tablet usage time?

If your tablet has a multi-user interface (all tablets apart from Tablet Junior and Serenity), you can then manage tablet usage time in terms of length or time slot by selecting the "Time Management" menu.

How may I ensure my child's safety on the Internet?

All our tablets feature a secure browser with parental filter (Lexibook Protect or LexiSurf). To that end, return to the browser settings by creating an account, and configure it by choosing the categories that you wish to authorise.

My child uses Google Play™. Is there a means to make it secure?

Yes, Google Play™ enables filtering of the available content and a requirement to authenticate purchases.

Go to Google Play™, click the icon with three bars in the upper left of your screen and click "Settings". Ensure that the "Require authentication for purchases" option is properly activated, as well as the "Content Filtering" option.

Resetting the Tablet


Warning: Restoring the factory default settings will definitively erase the files and applications installed, and they cannot be recovered. It is strongly recommended to make a copy of all your files on a Micro SD card prior to using this option.

Under the tablet settings, select "Backup & reset" and then click "factory data reset". The tablet will restart automatically (this may take some time).


Updating the Tablet


This icon appears on my tablet's task bar; what do I have to do?

This icon represents OTA (Over-The-Air) functionality, which enables the updating of the tablet's operating system. The availability of this update is therefore indicated by the appearance of this icon. Next, simply download it and install it on your tablet.

Note: You can also also verify whether an update is available by clicking on the "Lexibook Update" icon or by clicking "System upgrade" in the settings "About tablet".



How do I deactivate or uninstall an application?

In your tablet's settings, click "Applications", select the application that you wish to erase and click "Uninstall".

Note: Some applications are built into the system and cannot be uninstalled.

I have uninstalled an application that was already included in my tablet. How can I recover it?

You may proceed in two ways: either by following the steps presented in the "Resetting the tablet" chapter above, or by searching for this application on the Lexibook Market Premium and/or on Google Play™ (if available).

Can I transfer applications onto my SD card?

No, the SD card is reserved for personal data (photos, videos and other files), and cannot support the format of an application.



My child no longer remembers the code or diagram that he or she must enter to unlock the welcome screen of his or her tablet.

A tablet that is blocked by a password, a diagram or code must be completely reset. This operation can only be performed in a repair shop and requires that the tablet be sent back to Lexibook's after-sales department. The operation is subject to a fee of approximately thirty euros. All of the tablet's personal data (photos, videos, etc.) will be erased. The tablet will be returned to the configuration that it had when it was just out of the box (first use).

I have lost the parental password for the Lexibook interface. How can I access parental controls?

Call the consumer service at the number that appears at the end of your tablet's manual. You will receive a temporary password to unblock the Lexibook interface.

Various Questions


Is my tablet compatible with Mac computers?

A: Yes, your tablet is compatible avec Mac computers.

Can I update the Android version initially installed on my tablet?

No, each Lexibook tablet features its own version of Android™, which cannot be modified.

Can I install anti-virus software on my tablet?

Yes, if this antivirus is compatible with your Android version. Several antivirus and personal data protection applications (free and pay) for Android™ may be downloaded from the Lexibook Market Premium and Google Play™ (if available).

Note: the latest Lexibook tablets already feature antivirus software.

Can I use a 3G key with my tablet?

Lexibook tablets do not support 3G keys. In contrast, all Lexibook tablets can be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

After-Sales Department and Warranties


What is the term of the warranty of my Lexibook tablet?

The term of the warranty is 12 months from the purchase date of the product for United Kingdom & Ireland. The warranty is 2 weeks for USA and Canada.

My tablet does not turn on.

Tablets operating under Android™ can only start if the battery has at least a minimum charge. When you connect the tablet to its charger, its screen must light up, and then the charging icon appears for a few moments. Next, leave the tablet to recharge for at least approximately ten minutes, and then try again to turn it on.

If this operation does not yield any results, contact Lexibook's After-Sales Department.

How long do I have to recharge my tablet's battery?

The time required to fully charge the battery depends on its power level. A completely flat battery will require a charging time of several hours. The charge indicator (in %) will indicate the progress level. It is normal for the tablet to heat up during this operation.

Avoid the use of the tablet during recharging so as not to accidentally damage the power connector.

My tablet's screen is broken. Is this damage covered by the warranty?

Screen breakage is not covered by the warranty. To obtain a repair estimate, contact Lexibook's after-sales department.

I would like to buy a new adaptor (charger) for my tablet.

To do so, contact Lexibook's after-sales department :

  • United Kingdom & Ireland: call helpline 0808 1003015
  • Canada: call helpline +15873332812 or send e-mail to technicalsupportCA@support.lexibook.com
  • USA : call toll free number + 1-866-654-7008 or send e-mail to supportUS@lexibook.com

You will need to indicate your tablet's reference number. This is found on the back of your product and starts with "MFC".

My tablet has locked up during operation. The touch screen keyboard is no longer responsive or only part of it works.

First check that the screen is not cracked, even slightly. If it is damaged, contact Lexibook's after-sales department to obtain a repair estimate.

If the screen does not have any obvious damage, perform a reset by pressing the "RESET" button that is located on the side or back of your tablet. Insert a thin tip into the hole marked "RESET" and hold it down for three seconds. Next, try to switch on the tablet. This operation will not erase your data (photos, videos, etc.). However, if the tablet locked up when you were using one or several applications (a game, for example), the data related to the application(s) may not have been saved.

If the reset is not effective, contact Lexibook's after-sales department.

How do I repair my tablet?

Connect to our repair site (https://sav.sbe-online.com/lexibook/sav/) and fill in the form with the requested information.

If you are from North America, please rather use this contact information:

  • Canada: call helpline +15873332812 or send e-mail to technicalsupportCA@support.lexibook.com
  • USA : call toll free number + 1-866-654-7008 or send e-mail to supportUS@lexibook.com

For a repair under warranty, carefully read the conditions related to the warranty, including the compulsory attachment of a copy of your till receipt or invoice.

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