Playdroid® TV (LBOX500) and Accessories (LBOXA500, LBOXA501)



Can I switch from the Playdroid® TV interface to the classic Android interface?

No, your Playdroid® TV is exclusively designed for use with the Playdroid® TV interface.

How can I connect to Wi-Fi?

Once you have opened the settings, enter pointer mode (see the "Controller and playability" section), slide the icon to the right to activate Wi-Fi. The Playdroid® TV then displays the available wireless networks. Choose a network to connect.

How do I update my Playdroid® TV?

A message automatically appears at start-up when an update is available. We recommend that you install it. The installation time may vary based on your Internet connection and the size of the update.

Games and Downloads


Which games are pre-loaded on my Playdroid® TV?

Five Gameloft games are pre-loaded on your Playdroid® TV: GT Racing 2, Wonder Zoo, Asphalt 8 Airborne, World at Arms and Ice Age: The Village.

How do I install new games in addition to those already included?

Go to the "Game Zone" or Google Play™ and click "install" once you have selected the game.

Please note: In the "Game Zone", the games that can only be played in pointer mode (e.g., Clash of Clans®, Angry Birds®, etc.) are indicated by an icon that represents a mouse pointer.

Does my Playdroid® TV have to be connected to the Internet to play?

It depends on the titles, but most do not require an Internet connection during game play.

Do I have to pay to download new games?

Several games are available for download free of charge while others cost money.

My child uses the Playdroid® TV and I want to make sure that he or she cannot spend money on games and apps. How do I prevent this?

Go to Google Play, click the icon with three bars to the upper left of your screen and go to the Settings. Make sure that the "Require authentication for purchases" option is properly activated.

In this way, no purchase will be possible so long as you have not entered your banking information.

I have just downloaded a game and I am not able to control it. How can I address this problem?

We recommend that you download games via the Game Zone, since this site only contains titles that are 100% compatible with your Playdroid® TV.

Via Google Play, you will have access to a larger selection, but certain games may not be compatible with your Playdroid® TV. Make sure to test them both in and out of pointer mode. If it is a paying game, do not purchase it unless you are sure that it is compatible with your Playdroid® TV.

Dead Trigger 2® is located in the Game Zone, but am I unable to play it?

To play Dead Trigger 2®, you must go to the game settings and allocate the various controls.

I have just downloaded a game that I already have on my smartphone. Can I continue my game?

Yes, and this is the great advantage of an Android™ game console, since you can continue your mobile favourite games on your TV's big screen! If you have a game account, you can re-connect to it via your Playdroid® TV.

How many games can I store on my Playdroid® TV?

Your Playdroid® TV has 8 GB of internal storage, a portion of which is used for the operating system. The number of games stored depends on their size, which can vary from a few MB to several GB, for more memory-intensive titles.

How can I add more storage space?

You can add a Micro SD card of up to 32 GB (sold separately).

Can I copy games or applications on an SD card?

Yes, this is possible. To that end, insert a Micro SD card in the Micro SD port located behind the main unit: Go to "Settings" and then "Applications" and select a game/app. Click "Move to the SD card".

Remark: The Micro SD card must remain inserted to play these games.

I purchased an application and inadvertently deleted it. How do I recover it?

You can re-install any deleted application if you use the same Google Play download account.

How do I report a bug or problem with an application or game?

If the bug is related to a game or application, please contact the developer. If the bug is related to your Playdroid® TV, please contact our after-sales department.

I have inadvertently deleted a game that was already pre-loaded, how can I recover it?

You can download it again via Google Play.

Controller and Playability


How do I go from joystick mode to pointer mode?

To go from joystick mode to pointer mode, press the left joystick for 2 seconds. The LEDs each light up one after the other until they are all lit up. You now control your Playdroid® TV as you would a mouse on a computer! Hold it pressed down again to return to "joystick" mode.

Why provide two modes?

Most Android™ games are not designed to be played using a controller, or on a television screen. The pointer mode that is exclusive to your Playdroid™ TV helps to maximise the number of compatible games.

I find it difficult to navigate applications such as Google Play™ and YouTube™ — how do I proceed?

Some applications only support the pointer mode. Go to pointer mode by clicking on your left joystick for 2 seconds.

Can I play using two controllers?

Yes, this is possible. The games that support a second player are available in the "Game Zone" and are identified by the "2P" indication (2 players) appearing within a red circle.

  1. Go to the console settings and click the option "Connect to PC" in the USB tab.
  2. Insert the USB receiver provided with your second controller in the free USB port.
  3. You may then switch it on and play.

The second controller is sold separately (ref. LBOXA501).

My game controller has disconnected. What do I do to re-connect it?

Press your controller's ON/OFF button until the LEDs shut off. Press the ON/OFF button again until the right LED blinks rapidly. Once the controller is connected, the LEDs remain lit.

If the problem persists, equip yourself with a paper clip or a similarly thin object and press the "reset" button behind your controller, located between the two screws. The controller will connect automatically.

Is my Playdroid® TV compatible with other controllers?

Your Playdroid® TV is only compatible with Playdroid® TV controllers.

I purchased the Playdroid® TV Motion game controller (LBOXA500), but I am not able to connect it. How do I do this?

Remove the batteries, re-insert them and check if it works again.

You must also ensure that the blue USB receiver provided with your controller is properly inserted in one of USB ports behind your Playdroid® TV.

If it still does not work, open the battery compartment behind the controller and press the black top button for 10 seconds, a few centimetres from the USB receiver. The controller will reconnect automatically.

Can two players play the 30 games included with the Playdroid® TV Motion (LBOXA500)?

Some of the 30 games included can be played by two players one after the other. It is not possible for two players to simultaneously play the 30 games provided with two controllers connected.

Are the 30 games included with the Playdroid® TV Motion (LBOXA500) compatible with the original Playdroid® TV controller?

The 30 games included may only be played using your Playdroid® TV Motion controller.

After-Sales Department and Warranties


What is the term of the warranty of the Playdroid® TV?

The term of the warranty is 12 months from the purchase date of the product for United Kingdom & Ireland. The warranty is 2 weeks for USA and Canada.

I would like to buy a new adaptor for my Playdroid® TV.

To do so, contact Lexibook's after-sales department :

United Kingdom & Ireland: call helpline 0808 1003015

Canada: call helpline +15873332812 or send e-mail to

USA : call toll free number + 1-866-654-7008 or send e-mail to

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