FAQ - Marbo

Conditions of use


Do I need a smartphone/tablet to play with Marbo®?

Thanks to the four ways of interacting with Marbo®, you can play with your robot with or without a smartphone/tablet.
The "Discussion" , "Imitation" and "Be my friend!" modes allow you to play with your robot without the need for a smartphone/tablet.
The "Marbo® Application" mode gives you access to many other educational games, thanks to the connectivity with your smartphone/tablet.

Do I need an Internet connection to play with Marbo® ?

No, Marbo® works without an Internet connection, allowing you to play with Marbo® and its application wherever you are..

What distance do I need to be from Marbo® if I want to use my smartphone/ tablet?

For the best interaction, you are advised to stand around 20 cm from Marbo® and make sure you are directly opposite the robot..

Do I need to be in a completely silent room to play with Marbo®?

It is recommended that you play with Marbo® in a relatively quiet environment so that you can get the best interaction from your playmate.

Does Marbo® operate on batteries?

Yes, Marbo® works with 4 LR6/AA 1.5 V batteries.

Can I play with Marbo® in water?

No, make sure to keep Marbo® well away from water. Your robot penguin must never come into contact with water at any time.

What should I do if my Marbo® robot stops moving its feet and/or battery symbols appear in its eyes?

These signs indicate that battery levels are low. If this happens, you need to replace your robot's batteries and/or recharge it.

"Discussion" Mode


Marbo® doesn't understand me when I repeat one of the 15 voice commands.

First of all, make sure your Marbo® is switched on to "Discussion" mode . When you talk to Marbo®, it is important you speak clearly and loud enough for it to understand you.
Also wait for Marbo® to finish talking before saying your voice command.

How can I stop Marbo® once it has started singing a song/telling a story?

You can interrupt Marbo® at any time by lightly pressing down on the top of its head. You can also have fun with your robot penguin by touching its wings, stomach or head, and it will react thanks to its touch sensors!!

"Imitation" Mode


In "Imitation" mode , I can't get Marbo® to repeat what I am saying to it.

For Marbo® to understand you and successfully repeat what you have just said to it, it is important to speak clearly.
Don't use sentences that are too short or too long, and also wait for Marbo® to be ready to repeat your phrase.
If Marbo® doesn't understand you, it can't copy you!!

How can I stop "Imitation" mode and return to "Discussion" mode?

To exit "Imitation" mode , all you have to do is touch Marbo®'s head.

"Be my Friend!" Mode


When I start the "Be my friend!" mode, the two Marbos® do not recognise each other.

If you encounter a problem with the "Be my friend!" mode switch the two Marbos® off and turn them on again in "Connected" mode.
Next, place them face-to-face around 20 cm apart and press the "Become my friend!" button on just one of the two robots. Their conversation can now begin!

Do I need to switch on the "Be my friend!" mode on both Marbos® for it to work?

No, to activate the "Be my friend!" mode , you just need to press the button on one of the two robots, and the two friends will automatically recognise each other!

In "Be my friend!" mode, what can I do if one of the Marbos® stops answering the other one?

It can happen that one of the Marbos® does not understand its friend, if the surroundings are too noisy, for example, or it is too far away from its friend. If this is the case, all you have to do is restart the

Marbo® Application 


Where can I download the app?

The Marbo® app is available to download for free on the App Store™, Google PlayStore™ and Lexibook® Market.

What type of smartphone/tablet can use the Marbo® app?

The Marbo® app can be used on all devices that have the Android™ or iOS operating systems..

Why is the app upside-down on my smartphone/tablet?

For better interaction with Marbo®, the orientation of the screen is automatically adjusted so the loudspeaker on your smartphone/tablet is facing your Marbo® robot.
You can readjust the direction of the screen at any time in the settings from the home menu..

When I play with the Marbo® app on my smartphone/tablet, the robot does not respond.

If nothing happens when you use the Marbo® application, check that you have turned the volume up on your smartphone/tablet and that the device's loudspeaker is not blocked.
For optimal usage, wait for Marbo® to have finished speaking and moving before starting another activity.

Can the app work without Marbo®?

The Marbo® app teaches children about the world around them in a fun way through interaction with the Marbo® robot. Most activities therefore need the robot to take part.
Only the mini-quizzes in the app's "Learning" mode do not require interaction with Marbo®

Does the app need to be regularly updated?

Lexibook® works hard to continuously add educational and fun content to the Marbo® app, in order to offer an ever-changing learning and playing experience.
It is therefore important that the app is updated on a reglar basis.

Can I use the Marbo® app and another application at the same time?

For optimal usage, it is best to close all other apps on your smartphone/tablet when you play with your Marbo®.

How does the application's "Life" mode work?

The app's "Life" mode lets you see how your Marbo® friend changes. This unique mode lets children grow up with Marbo® by playing and learning with it!
Children can help their friend grow by making sure it has eaten, played, learned and taught enough!

Can I configure the app in the language of my choice?

It is important you configure the app in the same language as your Marbo®.