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I can't access Wi-Fi (wireless internet). What must I do?

Make sure you've turned on Wi-Fi by going to "Settings", selecting your network and entering the password on your tablet. Please move closer to your router/modem/router to better receive the Wi-Fi signal, or even turn your box/modem/router on and off if necessary.

How do I know the name of my Wi-Fi network? How do I know the Wi-Fi password?

It is mentioned on your box/modem/router, or ask your Internet Service Provider.

I see "Wi-Fi connected" but "Page unavailable" in the web browser. What should I do?

The kid safe browser (QWANT JUNIOR) may regard the link not safe for kids and block the access.



I installed an app, but I can't find it on my child's profile.

Any new downloaded app will not be accessible in the child interface until it has been classified by the parent into one of the categories.

Can I set how long my child can use the laptop?

Your laptop has a multi-user interface. You can manage the time you spend using the tablet by duration or time slots by selecting the "Time Management" menu.

How can I keep my child safe online?

The tablet has installed QWANT JUNIOR which provide secure search. You may find more details on Qwant Junior - The safe search engine for children - About Qwant

My child uses Google Play (Google's app marketplace). Is there a way to make it secure?

Yes, Google Play allows you to filter available content and require authentication before purchases.

Go to Google Play, click on the icon with the 3 bars at the top left of your screen and go to settings. Make sure that the "Require authentication for purchases" option is enabled as well as the "Content filtering" option.

Laptop Update


A message suddenly pops up on the laptop screen asking me to update. If I select "No", the message comes back after a while. What must I do?

This is an update of your laptop prepared by Lexibook and it is strongly recommended to do so. Be sure to connect the tablet to a charger to avoid problems in the event of a low battery, or recharge the battery before updating. Also, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection so that the download is not interrupted.

Once the download is complete, the tablet will automatically restart. This will take some time.



How do I disable or uninstall an app?

Go to Settings, then "Apps" and click the Uninstall or Disable button. These buttons may not be available/clickable for all apps, e.g. system apps that are necessary for Android to function properly.

I uninstalled/deleted an app that was already included in my laptop. How do I get it back?

For preinstalled children apps, you may reinstall it in the parent control interface. For other apps that are available on Google Play, you can download it.

Can I transfer apps to my Micro SD card?

No, the Micro SD card is dedicated to personal data (photos, videos and other files) but cannot support the format of an application.

Some apps in the kids’ interface won't open. How do I fix this?

You're probably in the kids’ interface, and it blocks access to your laptop's settings, as well as popups that allow you to influence the settings. It's likely that the app in question will ask you for permission, as it's your first time using it.

To rectify this problem, exit the child interface, open the app under the parental interface (Android) and then launch the app in question. One or more windows will then pop up and you will have to click on "Allow" to allow the application to work properly. Make sure you agree and understand the requested permissions!

Once returned to the kids’ interface, the application in question should then run smoothly.



Google Play Store

For security reasons, Google Play Store is not included in the child interface. To allow access, you must assign it in ‘Application Management’ menu of Parent Control interface.

Adding files to my tablet


How do I add files to my laptop?

You can either transfer files from a computer via the included USB cable or insert a Micro SD card.

I put files on my laptop. Where can I find them?

All your video, images, sounds, e-books and more are automatically searchable via the "Video Player", "Player", "Music" and "ReadEra" applications for e-books (provided they are in formats supported by your Lexibook® laptop).

If you want to find the files copied to the Lexibook laptop or to a Micro SD card inserted into the Lexibook®® laptop, simply open the "Files" application and select "Internal Memory" or "SD Card".

Can I increase the storage capacity of my laptop?

Yes, you can increase the storage capacity of your laptop by inserting a Micro SD card into it. This will allow you to store more files, such as images, songs, videos and e-books.



I've lost my password, how can I get it back?

On the screen where you need to enter the password, press the button with the padlock and a "?" and follow the instructions. You will need to access the internet from another device (a computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

After-Sales Service & Warranties


How long is the warranty on my Lexibook laptop?

The Lexibook computer is guaranteed for 2 years, with the exception of the integrated battery which is guaranteed for 6 months.

My laptop won't turn on.

Android tablets can only boot if the battery has a minimum charge. When you connect the tablet to its charger, the tablet screen should light up, and then the charging icon will appear for a few moments. Let the tablet charge for at least fifteen minutes, then try to turn it on again, while keeping it plugged into a power source.

If this operation does not yield results, contact the after-sales service.

My laptop screen is broken. Is it guaranteed?

Screen breakage is not covered by the warranty. To obtain a repair quote, contact the Lexibook after-sales service.



Is my laptop compatible with Mac?

Yes, your laptop is compatible with a Mac, in order to transfer files.

Can I update the version of Android originally installed on my laptop?

No, each Lexibook laptop has its own version of Android, which cannot be modified.

Can I install antivirus on my tablet?

Yes, if this antivirus is compatible with your version of Android. Several antivirus and privacy apps for Android™ are available on Google Play (free or paid).

Can I use a 3G dongle with my tablet?

Lexibook laptop does not support 3G sticks, but you can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

How long do I need to charge my laptop's battery?

The amount of time it takes to fully charge the battery depends on its power. A completely empty battery will require several hours of recharging. The battery level indicator (in %) will show you how far you are going. Temperature rise of laptop during this operation is normal.

Avoid using the laptop while charging it to avoid accidentally damaging the power connector.

My laptop screen is broken. Is it guaranteed?

Screen breakage is not covered by the warranty. To obtain a repair quote, contact the Lexibook after-sales service.

I want to buy a new adapter (charger) for my laptop.

To do this, contact the Lexibook after-sales service, by sending an email to and specifying the reference of your laptop. 

My child can't remember the code or pattern they need to do to unlock their laptop's home screen.

A laptop that is blocked by a password, pattern or code must be completely reset. To do this, follow the instructions above in the "Reset the laptop " section. All personal data on the tablet (photos, videos, etc.) will be deleted. The tablet will return to the configuration it had when it came out of the box (first use).